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  • Practical Pathology for the Surgical Pathologist: Updates in GI, Liver, Gynecologic, Pulmonary and Soft Tissue Pathology

Lecture Titles

  1.   An Approach to Lipomatous Tumors: A Guide to General Surgical Pathologists (John Goldblum M.D.)
  2.   What GI/Liver Molecular Testing Does a Practicing Pathologist Need to Know (Rondell Graham M.B.B.S.)
  3.   The WHO Updates You Care About Part 1: Vulva and Cervix (Charles Quick M.D.)
  4.   Barrett's Esophagus and BE-Related Neoplasia (Deepa Patil M.D., M.B.B.S.)
  5.   How Do I Work Up Unknown Tumors in the Liver? (Rondell Graham M.B.B.S.)
  6.   Gastritis, Gastropathy and Common Gastric Polyps (Deepa Patil M.D., M.B.B.S.)
  7.   The WHO Updates You Care About Part 2: Uterus and Ovary (Charles Quick M.D.)
  8.   An Approach to Soft Tissue Tumors with a Focus on Ancillary Diagnostic Techniques: Part 1 (John Goldblum M.D.)
  9.   An Approach to Soft Tissue Tumors with a Focus on Ancillary Diagnostic Techniques: Part 2 (John Goldblum M.D.)
  10.   Slide Seminar: A Potpourri of Common Diagnostic Challenges in Gastrointestinal Pathology (Deepa Patil M.D., M.B.B.S.)
  11.   Slide Seminar: A Pattern-Based Approach to Soft Tissue Tumors (John Goldblum M.D.)
  12.   Gynecologic and Peritoneal Pathology: When Bad Meets Evil (Charles Quick M.D.)
  13.   Fantastic 4: The Four Medical Liver Biopsy Patterns That Are Often Sent in Consultation and How to Handle Them (Rondell Graham M.B.B.S.)
  14.   IBD and IBD-Related Dysplasia (Deepa Patil M.D., M.B.B.S.)
  15.   A Quick Approach to High-Grade Endometrial Carcinoma (Charles Quick M.D.)
  16.   An Approach to Gi Mesenchymal Tumors (John Goldblum M.D.)
  17.   Slide Seminar: Five GI/Liver Pathology Diagnoses That You Don't Want to Miss (Rondell Graham M.B.B.S.)
  18.   Colorectal Polyps: An Update (Deepa Patil M.D., M.B.B.S.)
  19.   Slide Seminar: Low-Grade Endometrial Carcinoma: More Mimic Than Entities (Charles Quick M.D.)
  20.   Anal Pathology: A Useful Approach to Diagnosis (Rondell Graham M.B.B.S.)



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John R. Goldblum
John R. Goldblum , M.D.  (Course Director)
Affiliation : Cleveland Clinic
Rondell  Graham
Rondell Graham , M.B.B.S.  
Affiliation : Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Deepa  Patil
Deepa Patil , M.D., M.B.B.S.  
Affiliation : Brigham & Women's Hospital
Charles Mathew Quick
Affiliation : University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Physicians Assistants (P.A.), Fellows or Residents
If you are a Physicians Assistant (P.A.), Fellow or Resident, we offer a special course rate. Please email or call 925-376-0217 to find out more information.
I'm looking forward to my next CME with you guys! You are the best!

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