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  1.   Chronic Diarrhea: The Pathology Work-Up (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  2.   Papillary or Follicular? Getting a Clear Eye on the Field (Lester Thompson M.D.)
  3.   The Specifics of Non-Specific Interstitial Pneumonia in the Roaring 20's (Henry Tazelaar M.D.)
  4.   Overview of Soft Tissue: WHO, Grading, Staging (Alexander Lazar M.D., Ph.D.)
  5.   Stomach Groans: What's a Pathologist to Do? (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  6.   Nothing to Sneeze About: Sinonasal Round Cell Tumors (Lester Thompson M.D.)
  7.   Holes in the Lung: What Are They and What Do They Mean? (Henry Tazelaar M.D.)
  8.   Cutaneous Soft Tissue: Part 1 (Alexander Lazar M.D., Ph.D.)
  9.   Esophagus......Please Not Another Reflux Biopsy (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  10.   Spooky, Spikey Spindled Sinonasal Spectres (Lester Thompson M.D.)
  11.   Update on Drug-Induced Lung Disease (Henry Tazelaar M.D.)
  12.   Cutaneous Soft Tissue: Part 2 (Alexander Lazar M.D., Ph.D.)
  13.   Gastric Lumps & Bumps (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  14.   Something Olde, Something New: Blue Salivary Gland Tumors (Lester Thompson M.D.)
  15.   Algorithmic Approach to Pleural Tumors (Henry Tazelaar M.D.)
  16.   New Things You Should Know About Soft Tissue (Alexander Lazar M.D., Ph.D.)
  17.   Colorectal Lumps and Bumps (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  18.   Enough About p16 Already: HPV-Associated Head and Neck Tumors (Lester Thompson M.D.)
  19.   Usual and Unusual Lung Pulmonary Tumors (Henry Tazelaar M.D.)
  20.   Practical Molecular Diagnostics in Soft Tissue (Alexander Lazar M.D., Ph.D.)

Teri M. Longacre
Teri M. Longacre , M.D.  (Course Director)
Affiliation : Stanford University Medical Center
Alexander J. Lazar
Alexander J. Lazar , M.D., Ph.D.  
Affiliation : Pathology Department, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Henry D. Tazelaar
Henry D. Tazelaar , M.D.  
Affiliation : Mayo Clinic
Lester D.R. Thompson
Affiliation : Woodland Hills Medical Center
Physicians Assistants (P.A.), Fellows or Residents
If you are a Physicians Assistant (P.A.), Fellow or Resident, we offer a special course rate. Please email or call 925-376-0217 to find out more information.
I'm looking forward to my next CME with you guys! You are the best!

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