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Charles Mathew Quick [M.D.]

  • Titles : Associate Professor of Pathology, Director of Gynecologic Pathology
  • Affiliations : University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Dr. Charles M. Quick
  • Graduated from University of Arkansas in 2001
  • Graduated from University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS), 2005
  • Completed Pathology Residency in 2009, UAMS 
  • Surgical Pathology With Gastrointestinal Emphasis Fellowship, 2009-10, UAMS
  • Women’s and Perinatal Pathology Fellowship, 2010-11, Harvard University, Brigham & Women’s Hospital
  • Board Certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology
  • Winner of multiple institutional teaching awards including the UAMS Educational Innovation Award, and Chancellor’s Teaching Award

Dr. Quick (Matt) loves to spend time with his wife (Shelly) and their three children (Dexter, Bernice and Alice).  He loves to fish (although he never catches anything), design houses (even though he’s no good at it) and play video games (so he has an excuse to trash-talk his residents.  He once was on a trivia team that came in first place

Outside of being a family man, winning the UAMS Chancellors Teaching Award for Excellence, given for outstanding educational efforts across all colleges of the UAMS system.

  • McFarland M, Quick CM, McCluggage WG. Hormone Receptor Negative, TTF1 Positive Uterine and Ovarian Adenocarcinomas: Report of a Series of Mesonephric-Like Adenocarcinomas. Histopathology. 2016 June; 68 (7):1013-20.  
  • Coleman HN, Greenfield WW, Stratton SL, Vaughn R, Kieber A, Moerman-Herzog AM, Spencer HJ, Hitt WC, Quick CM, Hutchins LF, Mackintosh SG, Edmondson RD, Erickson SW, Nakagawa M. Human Papillomavirus Type 16 Viral Load is Decreased Following a Therapeutic Vaccination.  Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy. 2016 May 65(5): 563-73.
  • Parra-Herran C, Taljaard M, Djordjevic B, Reyes MC, Schwartz L, Schoolmeester JK, Lastra RR, Quick CM, Laury A, Rasty G, Nucci MR, Howitt BE.  Pattern-based Classification of Invasive Endocervical Adenocarcinoma, Depth of Invasion Measurement and Distinction from Adenocarcinoma in Situ: Interobserver Variation Among Gynecologic Pathologists.  Modern Pathology. 2016 August; 29 (8): 879-92.
  • Holthoff ER, Spencer H, Kelly T, Post SR, Quick CM. Pathologic Features of Aggressive Vulvar Carcinoma are Associated with an Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition.  Human Pathology. 2016 October; 56: 22-30.
  • Levy RA, Kumarapeli AR, Spencer HJ, Quick CM. Cervical Polyps: Is Histologic Evaluation Necessary? Pathology Research and Practice. 2016 September; 212 (9): 800-3.
  • Zhao S, Bellone S, Lopez S, Thakral D, Schwab C, English DP, Black J, Cocco E, Choi J, Zammataro L, Predolini F, Bonazzoli E, Bi M, Buza N, Hui P, Wong S, Abu-Khalaf M, Ravaggi A, Bignotti E, Bandiera E, Romani C, Todeschini P, Tassi R, Zanotti L, Odicino F, Pecorelli S, Donzelli C, Ardighieri L, Facchetti F, Falchetti M, Silasi DA, Ratner E, Azodi M, Schwartz PE, Mane S, Angioli R, Terranova C, Quick CM, Edraki B, Bilgüvar K, Lee M, Choi M, Stiegler AL, Boggon TJ, Schlessinger J, Lifton RP, Santin AD. Mutational Landscape of Uterine and Ovarian Carcinosarcomas Implicates Histone Genes in Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  2016 October 25th; 113 (43): 12238-12243.
  • Sangoi AR, Kshirsagar M, Roma AA, Horvai AE, Chivukula M, Ellenson LH, Fadare O, Folkins AK, Garg K, Hanley K, Longacre TA, Haas J, McCluggage WG, McKenney JK, Nucci MR, Oliva E, Park KJ, Parkash V, Quick CM, Rabban JT, Rutgers JK, Soslow R, Vang R, Yemelyanova A, Zaloudek C, Beck AH. Interobserver Reproducibility Among Gynecologic Pathologists in Diagnosing Heterologous Osteosarcomatous Component in Gynecologic Tact Carcinosarcomas. International Journal of Gynecologic Pathology. 2017 July; 36(4): 386-392.

  • ENT, GU, GYN, Lung and Endocrine: Common Specimens with Common Surgical Pathology Problems
  • Practical Pathology for the Surgical Pathologist: Updates in GI, Liver, Gynecologic, Pulmonary and Soft Tissue Pathology
  • Practical Pearls for the Practicing Pathologist: Pancreaticobiliary, Soft Tissue, Gynecologic and Hematolymphoid Pathology
  • Solving Practical Problems in the Diagnosis of Lung, GYN. GI and ENT Specimens

Past Lectures

  • Slide Seminar: Low-Grade Endometrial Carcinoma: More Mimic Than Entities (02/24/2022)
  • A Quick Approach to High-Grade Endometrial Carcinoma (02/23/2022)
  • Gynecologic and Peritoneal Pathology: When Bad Meets Evil (02/23/2022)
  • The WHO Updates You Care About Part 2: Uterus and Ovary (02/22/2022)
  • The WHO Updates You Care About Part 1: Vulva and Cervix (02/21/2022)
  • Common Staging Issues in Uterine Pathology (10/15/2020)
  • A Practical Approach to Borderline Tumors (10/14/2020)
  • Learn from My Struggles: Instructional Cases Part 2 (10/13/2020)
  • Learn from My Struggles: Instructional Cases Part 1 (10/13/2020)
  • AT LAST, A Unified Approach to Squamous Dysplasia (10/12/2020)
  • Gynecologic Pathology Frozen Section Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them (03/01/2019)
  • Everyone's Frenemy: IHC and Gynecologic Pathology (02/27/2019)
  • The Elephant in the Room: POC's and GTD (02/27/2019)
  • Loathsome Endometrial Biopsies and What to Call Them (02/26/2019)
  • Subtyping of Endometrial Cancer: A "ProMisE"ing Change (02/25/2019)
  • Squamous Dysplasia: Two Things to Take Home (03/01/2018)
  • Tubal Epithellial Lesions: A "Concise" Guide (03/01/2018)
  • Endocervical Glandular Lesions: From Silva to SMILE (02/28/2018)
  • Practical and Precise Staging of Endometroid Carcinomas (02/28/2018)
  • Principles of Endometrial PreCancer Diagnosis (02/26/2018)


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