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Ashley M Cimino-Mathews [M.D.]

  • Titles : Director, Breast Pathology Program, Associate Professor of Pathology
  • Affiliations : Johns Hopkins Medicine

Dr. Ashley Cimino-Mathews is an associate professor of pathology and oncology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Her areas of clinical expertise include general surgical pathology and breast pathology. She joined the Breast Pathology Service at Johns Hopkins in July 2012.

Dr. Cimino-Mathews obtained her B.S. degree with highest honors from Emory University, where she studied breast cancer tumor vaccine development. She received her M.D. from Weill Cornell Medical College, followed by a residency in anatomic and clinical pathology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Weill Cornell "Good Physician"
Award, Alpha Omega Alpha
Phi Beta Kappa
Young Investigator’s Day Top Prize in Clinical, Johns Hopkins Pathology , 2011
Runner-up Poster Award, 4th Annual Safeway Breast Cancer Retreat, 2011

Cimino-Mathews A, Subhawong AP, Illei PB, Sharma R, Halushka MK, Vang R, Fetting JH, Park BH, Argani PA. GATA-3 Expression in Breast Carcinoma: Utility in Triple Negative, Sarcomatoid and Metastatic Carcinomas. Human Pathol. 2013 Jul;44:1341-9.

Cimino-Mathews A, Thompson E, Taube JM, Ye X, Lu Y, Meeker A, Xu H, Sharma R, Lecksell K, Cornish TC, Cuka N, Argani P, Emens LA. PD-L1 (B7-H1) Expression and the Immune Tumor Microenvironment in Human Primary and Metastatic Breast Carcinomas. Hum Pathol. 2016 Jan;47(1):52-63

Cimino-Mathews A, Verma S, Figueroa-Magalhaes MC, Jeter SC, Zhang Z, Argani P, Stearns V, Connolly RM. A clinicopathologic analysis of 45 patients with metaplastic breast carcinoma. Amer J Clin Pathol. 2016 Mar;145(3):365-72
Cowan M, Argani P, Cimino-Mathews A. Benign and Low-Grade Fibroepithelial Neoplasms of the Breast have Low Recurrence Rate after Positive Surgical Margins. Mod Pathol. 2016 Mar;29(3):259-65

Thompson E, Taube JM, Elwood H, Sharma R, Meeker A, Warzecha HN, Argani P, Cimino-Mathews A*, Emens LA*. The Immune Microenvironment of Breast Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. Mod Pathol. 2016 Mar;29(3):249-58. *Co-senior corresponding authors


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