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Stacey E. Mills [M.D.]

  • Titles : W.S. Royster Professor of Pathology
  • Affiliations : University of Virginia Medical Center, Charlottesville, Virginia

Academic Profile at a Glance
Dr. Mills

  • Graduated from College of William & Mary in 1973
  • Graduated from University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1977
  • Board Certified in Anatomic Pathology, 1981
  • Editor, American Journal of Surgical Pathology
  • Editor, Sternberg’s Diagnostic Surgical Pathology
  • Editor, Histology for Pathologists
  • Editor, Pathology Network and its on-line blog
  • Author, AFIP Fascicle, Tumors of the Upper Aerodigestive Tract and Ear, 3rd & 4th series (4th series in press)
  • Author, AFIP Fascicle, Tumors of Bones and Joints, 3rd series
  • Author of over 250 major publications
  • Over 300 national and international invited speakerships
  • Member of multiple pathology editorial boards

 About Your Organization/Department

  • I work with the best bunch of surgical pathologists I can imagine
  • My endowed Chair was made possible by a very generous donation from a family whose fortune was made selling fertilizer, which may or may not be significant with regard to me!
  • Reviewing consult cases with our fellows is the high point of my da

  • Scuba diving instructor and cave diver with over 300 cave dives and  almost 1000 hours underwater
  • Amateur radio operator and former controller of multi-national amateur satellite
  • Radio controlled model airplane enthusiast and former precision aerobatics competitor

 Most Important Achievement - Raising two wonderful, happy and secure daughters with families of their own and wonderful careers in the medical world…..actually my wife, Linda, deserves most of the credit.

  • Advances in Surgical Pathology of GU, Head & Neck, Salivary Gland Tumors and Non-GYN Cytology
  • Celebrating the Illustrious Career of Richard L. Kempson: Surgical Pathology of the Breast, Female Genital Tract, Soft Tissue, Head & Neck and Lung
  • Diagnosis of Challenging ENT, Lung, GU and Melanocytic Lesions Application of Informatics in Pathology
  • Diagnostic Pitfalls in Surgical Pathology: Gynecologic, GI, Breast and Head & Neck Pathology
  • ENT, GU, GYN, Lung and Endocrine: Common Specimens with Common Surgical Pathology Problems
  • Practical Problems in Soft Tissue, GU, Pancreaticobiliary, Pulmonary and ENT
  • Solving Practical Problems in the Diagnosis of Lung, GYN. GI and ENT Specimens
  • Surgical Pathology Update: GI, GU, ENT and Soft Tissue

Past Lectures

  • Interesting Consult Cases: 2019 (02/28/2019)
  • Does Sinonasal Undifferentiated Carcinoma Still Exist? (02/27/2019)
  • New & Problematic Salivary Gland Lesions (02/26/2019)
  • Squamous Cell Proliferations Aren't Easy (02/25/2019)
  • What is This? Vexing Normalcy and Near-Normalcy (02/25/2019)
  • Interesting Consults in ENT Pathology (06/21/2018)
  • Viral-Related Lesions in ENT Pathology (06/20/2018)
  • Molecular Pathology of ENT Tumors (06/19/2018)
  • Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Head and Neck (06/18/2018)
  • Problematic ENT Normalities: Ectopias and Metaplasias (06/18/2018)
  • Glandular and Schneiderian ENT Neoplasms (02/24/2017)
  • Embracing Molecular Pathology in the Head and Neck (02/24/2017)
  • Problematic Salivary Gland Lesions (02/24/2017)
  • Squamous Proliferations are Not Always an Easy Diagnosis (02/23/2017)
  • Problematic ENT Normalities, Ectopias and Metaplasias (02/22/2017)
  • What Do We Know About HPV and EBV in ENT Neoplasms? (07/22/2015)
  • Relevant Normal ENT Anatomy and Variants (07/21/2015)
  • Pitfalls in Bone Pathology for the Generalist (07/20/2015)
  • Problems in Thyroid Gland Pathology (06/16/2015)
  • Light Microscopically Undifferentiated ENT Neoplasms (06/16/2015)
  • Difficult ENT Consult Cases (06/15/2015)
  • Variants of Squamous Cell Carcinoma (06/15/2015)
  • Vexing Normal and Non-Neoplastic Findings in the Head & Neck (06/15/2015)
  • Glandular & Schneiderian ENT Neoplasia (10/16/2013)
  • Neuroendocrine Neoplasms of the Head and Neck (10/16/2013)
  • New(er) Entities in Salivary Neoplasia (10/15/2013)
  • Molecular Insights in ENT Pathology (10/14/2013)
  • Virally-Related ENT Neoplasms (10/14/2013)
  • Variants of ENT Squamous Carcinoma (02/22/2011)
  • New and Problematic ENT Entities: Histologic, Clinical & Molecular Features, Part 2 (02/22/2011)
  • New and Problematic ENT Entities: Histologic, Clinical & Molecular Features, Part 1 (02/22/2011)
  • Glandular and Non-Squamous ENT Tumors (02/21/2011)
  • Entities in Salivary Gland Pathology (02/21/2011)
  • Problems in Salivary Gland Pathology (02/21/2011)


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