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  1.   When It Is Not High-Grade Serous Carcinoma, What Is It? (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  2.   Challenges in Bladder Cancer Diagnosis on Biopsy and TUR Specimens (Donna Hansel M.D.)
  3.   Emerging Pathogens in Gastrointestinal Diseases (Rhonda Yantiss M.D.)
  4.   Endometriosis-Associated Tumors: Differential Diagnosis (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  5.   Pitfalls in the Diagnosis of Invasive Breast Cancer (Melinda Lerwill M.D.)
  6.   Problematic Patterns of In-Situ Breast Carcinoma (Melinda Lerwill M.D.)
  7.   Updates on Urinary Tract Classification and Staging (Donna Hansel M.D.)
  8.   When to Consider Ischemia As A Cause of Enterocolonic Injury (Rhonda Yantiss M.D.)
  9.   GI Biopsies in the Immunosuppressed Patient (Rhonda Yantiss M.D.)
  10.   Ovarian Sex-Cord Stromal: Is It Normal/Physiologic Or A Tumor? If Tumor, Which One? (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  11.   Mucinous Tumors in the Ovary: (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  12.   Papillary Neoplasms of the Breast (Melinda Lerwill M.D.)
  13.   Fibroepithelial Lesions of the Breast
  14.   Grading, Scoring and Reporting Prostate Biopsies (Donna Hansel M.D.)
  15.   Colorectal Cancer Biomarkers in 2023 (Rhonda Yantiss M.D.)
  16.   Prostate Cancer Classification and Staging Challenges (Donna Hansel M.D.)
  17.   Appendiceal Inflammation: Things that Matter and Those That Don't (Rhonda Yantiss M.D.)
  18.   Updates in the Classification of Kidney Cancer (Donna Hansel M.D.)
  19.   Germ Cell Tumors: The Problem Areas (Teri Longacre M.D.)
  20.   Mistakes and Misdirections in Breast Pathology (Melinda Lerwill M.D.)

Teri M. Longacre
Teri M. Longacre , M.D.  (Course Director)
Affiliation : Stanford University Medical Center
Donna E. Hansel
Donna E. Hansel , M.D.  
Affiliation : Oregon Health and Science University
Melinda  Lerwill
Melinda Lerwill , M.D.  
Affiliation : Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital
Rhonda K. Yantiss
Rhonda K. Yantiss , M.D.  
Affiliation : University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Dr. Richard L Kempson

Dr. Richard L Kempson, MD, Emeritus Professor of Pathology and co-founder of the Stanford Medicine Surgical Pathology Department, died on August 19 in Kailua, Hawaii at the age of 92.

He is fondly remembered as an inspirational leader and teacher, as well as a beloved friend and mentor to hundreds of surgical pathology trainees. His distinctive and effective teaching style, which emphasized precise diagnostic criteria and the impact of correct diagnoses on patient care was legendary, not just at Stanford, but worldwide. Although his specialty interests were in gynecologic cancer, breast cancer, and soft tissue tumors, he was an expert in all facets of surgical pathology.

Dr. K leaves a lasting legacy. Please join us at this year’s 8th Annual Richard L Kempson Diagnostic Pathology Course which is dedicated to him and his influential contributions to surgical pathology. If you wish to share remembrances during the meeting, send them to Teri Longacre at

Physicians Assistants (P.A.), Fellows or Residents
If you are a Physicians Assistant (P.A.), Fellow or Resident, we offer a special course rate. Please email or call 925-376-0217 to find out more information.
I'm looking forward to my next CME with you guys! You are the best!

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