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  1.   Living on the Edge: Diagnostic Clues and Pitfalls When Evidence is Slim (Beth Ruben M.D.)
  2.   Revisiting Dyplastic Nevi: 40 Years After the B-K Mole Syndrome (Philip LeBoit M.D.)
  3.   Desmoplastic Melanoma (Klaus Busam M.D.)
  4.   Benign Adnexal Tumors (Michael Tetzlaff M.D., Ph.D.)
  5.   Great Cases From New York (Panel) (Klaus Busam M.D.)
  6.   CD30 Positive Lymphoproliferative Diseases (Michael Tetzlaff M.D., Ph.D.)
  7.   Lentigo Maligna Melanoma (Klaus Busam M.D.)
  8.   Nail Pathology (Beth Ruben M.D.)
  9.   The Spectrum of Spitzoid Neoplasms: 70 Years After "Melanomas of Childhood" (Philip LeBoit M.D.)
  10.   Great Cases From California (Panel) (Beth Ruben M.D.)
  11.   Nail Pathology II (Beth Ruben M.D.)
  12.   New and Little-Known Inflammatory Skin Disease (Philip LeBoit M.D.)
  13.   Update on Sebaceous Neoplasms and Syndromic Testing (Michael Tetzlaff M.D., Ph.D.)
  14.   Primary or Metastatic? (Klaus Busam M.D.)
  15.   Steps to Better Clinicopathologic Correlations (Panel) (Philip LeBoit M.D.)
  16.   Ancillary Methods for the Diagnosis of Melanocytic Tumors (Klaus Busam M.D.)
  17.   Ocular Dermatopathology (Michael Tetzlaff M.D., Ph.D.)
  18.   An Overview of Drug Eruptions (Beth Ruben M.D.)
  19.   Drug Eruptions in Cancer Patients (Michael Tetzlaff M.D., Ph.D.)
  20.   You Know the Eponym: Diseases and Their Describers (Philip LeBoit M.D.)

Philip E LeBoit
Philip E LeBoit , M.D.  (Course Director)
Affiliation : University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco, CA
Additional : Co-Director of UCSF Dermatopathology and Oral Pathology Service
Klaus J. Busam
Klaus J. Busam , M.D.  
Affiliation : Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Additional : Cornell University
Beth S. Ruben
Beth S. Ruben , M.D.  
Affiliation : Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Michael T Tetzlaff
Michael T Tetzlaff , M.D., Ph.D.  
Affiliation : MD Anderson Cancer Center - University of Texas
Physicians Assistants (P.A.), Fellows or Residents
If you are a Physicians Assistant (P.A.), Fellow or Resident, we offer a special course rate. Please email or call 925-376-0217 to find out more information.
I'm looking forward to my next CME with you guys! You are the best!

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