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  1.   Pediatric Dermatopathology: Big Lessons from Little Kids (Melissa Piliang M.D.)
  2.   Hamartoma Versus Malformation Versus Neoplasm: Is There a Differnce? (Jeffrey North M.D.)
  3.   Cutaneous Histiocytoses: Then and Now (Melissa Pulitzer M.D.)
  4.   When Eosinophils Go Wild (Philip LeBoit M.D.)
  5.   How to be a Dermpath Hero: Histopathologic Clues (Panel Discussion) (Jeffrey North M.D.)
  6.   A Practical Approach to the Scalp Biopsy (Melissa Piliang M.D.)
  7.   CD8+ Cutaneous Lymphoproliferations (Melissa Pulitzer M.D.)
  8.   Pagetoid Pattern: Nested Pattern (Philip LeBoit M.D.)
  9.   Updates in Cutaneous Adnexal Tumors (Jeffrey North M.D.)
  10.   Clinicopathologic Correlations to Break Your Brain (Panel Discussion) (Philip LeBoit M.D.)
  11.   Inpatient Dermatopathology: Practical Tips for Common and Emergent Diagnoses (Melissa Piliang M.D.)
  12.   Fibrosing Melanocytic Proliferations (Philip LeBoit M.D.)
  13.   Aggressive Primary Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphomas (Melissa Pulitzer M.D.)
  14.   Top 10 Immunostains to Help in a Pinch (Jeffrey North M.D.)
  15.   Ancillary Studies in Hematolymphoid Disease (Panel Discussion) (Melissa Pulitzer M.D.)
  16.   MINOs and LINOs: Melanomas in Name-Only (Philip LeBoit M.D.)
  17.   Infections in the Immunocompromised (Melissa Piliang M.D.)
  18.   Ancillary Diagnostic Testing in Melanocytic Neoplasia (Jeffrey North M.D.)
  19.   A Stroll Through the Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Skin (Melissa Pulitzer M.D.)
  20.   Through the Looking Glass: Pearls from Sign Out (Panel Discussion) (Melissa Piliang M.D.)

Philip E LeBoit
Philip E LeBoit , M.D.  (Course Director)
Affiliation : University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco, CA
Additional : Co-Director of UCSF Dermatopathology and Oral Pathology Service
Jeffrey  North
Jeffrey North , M.D.  
Affiliation : University of California, San Francisco
Melissa  Piliang
Melissa Piliang , M.D.  
Affiliation : Cleveland Clinic
Melissa  Pulitzer
Melissa Pulitzer , M.D.  
Affiliation : Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Physicians Assistants (P.A.), Fellows or Residents
If you are a Physicians Assistant (P.A.), Fellow or Resident, we offer a special course rate. Please email or call 925-376-0217 to find out more information.
I'm looking forward to my next CME with you guys! You are the best!

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